March 30, 2023


A River Runs Through It: The Story Behind Our Name

Iron River_The Story Behind Our Name
I'm Paula

A former Kindergarten teacher/part-time home flipper turned CEO – having traded my love for the classroom for my love of beautiful spaces!  

Now a surface specialist, design lover, and the founder of Iron River Surfaces – my combined passions for beautiful finishes and education merge together in our little blog as the team and I share helpful tips, design trends, inspirational ideas, and a little bit about ourselves along the way!  

Thank you for joining us, we’re so glad you’re here! 
Learn more about our story.

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Why the name Iron River Surfaces?

WAAAAAY back in 2018 when Sheldon and I first began to envision the business we wanted to create for our family and one that would serve yours, we knew we needed a name that spoke to our goal and dream for what it was we were trying to create: 

a flooring and design studio that offered exceptional quality and workmanship, along with current design-driven offerings rooted in sustainable practices.

We also knew that the name we chose would hopefully be with us for a very long time – so we had to love it!

We spent months tossing around ideas, then one day we saw an iconic entry sign for the “Iron River Ranch” at the mouth of a long and winding dirt road, and we knew right away that was it.

To us, “Iron” represented strength, longevity, and quality (everything we would insist our product lines offer), while “River” represented nature and the fluid movement of progress, ever-changing design trends, and our forward-thinking and fast-paced energy.  And we also loved the connection to our beloved home province and our nature loving and rural roots!

The symbolic imagery of a river perfectly encapsulated who we were and the life journey we were on – forging ahead with passion in a new direction, and excited for what lay ahead at every turn.  And like with everything in nature, rivers are unique, beautiful, and filled with personality — exactly what our homes should be!  

“A river is water in its loveliest form, rivers have life and sound and movement and infinity of variation, rivers are veins of the earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart.” 

– Roderick Haig-Brown

And almost 5 years later, we still love our name and everything it stands for.   Throughout these inaugural years we have experienced many twists and turns as we held on tightly along the way (insert COVID, a worldwide supply-chain crunch, and many other white-water rapid challenges that kept things interesting!) and we continue to love this ride we’re on! 

We are thrilled and full of gratitude to be working together to serve the most wonderful home-owners, designers, builders and renovators in our beautiful city and province!

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