Building the dream.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! 

It was an amazing and overwhelming time and such a huge learning experience! Looking back, it is still a bit of a blur.  Although my husband had over 15 years experience in the industry and I had renovated and flipped countless homes as my side hustle, the extent to which we were working was a bit mind blowing.  We continued on that path for over a year, each working 16 hour days, 7 days a week and with our 4 kids along for the ride!  We were building our dream and every single minute was worth it.  But let’s be real – it was not sustainable.  At Iron River Surfaces everything we do is about quality and delivering the ultimate customer experience to our amazing clients.  As we grew, there was simply no way we could maintain the level of service we demanded of ourselves without bringing in a few others to assist us that shared in our same vision.  And so began the journey towards building our dream team!! 

We were not in a rush to hire – in fact, we were very hesitant as we had such a specific vision for our company and such high standards for the type of service we deliver, we weren't sure that what we were looking for existed.  But boy, were we wrong!! Our incredible city is chock FULL of talent and outstanding professionals in their respective fields, and in my humble opinion, we have the best collective team around.

We searched, we interviewed, and we pondered extensively on who would be the best fit — and we truly feel we now have the dream team!  Every member of our tight-knit work family has an educational background and level of experience that adds value to each and every one of our projects. 

And each member of our team has extensive experience to varying degrees in flooring/surfaces, new home construction, design, and real estate so we are able to confidently assist our clients with all of their unique needs and requests along their project’s journey.
But most of all, our team cares about each and every one of our clients as much as we do. You often hear that teamwork makes the dream work and it is SO true! At Iron River Surfaces each of us works together with our unique perspectives and skill sets to bring your project to life. 

So now, although we still individually work like crazy to provide the absolute best experience to all of our clients, we also have a team of professionals assisting every step of the way, and we couldn’t be more appreciative and excited to work together each and every day! 

We value every member of our interdisciplinary team, not only for their talents and experience, but for the individuals that they are.  We often reference our business and the gallery as our second home and we truly feel that way — everyone here has become family to us, from our design and estimating team to our logistics and field managers, to the incredible craftspeople and artists who complete our installations. When you schedule an appointment with us, you can trust that every part of your project will be taken care of with the utmost of attention and by the absolute best!

  • Bachelor of Science, Physics 
  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Interior Design Technology 
  • Architectural Design Technology 
  • Construction Engineer Technology

We were the designers, the product sourcers, the marketing team, the site managers, estimators, accountants, service team, client liaisons, custodians, drafters, demo crew, delivery drivers, and each other’s assistants. The only role we didn’t take on ourselves was with regards to our installations – that very specialized job was reserved for our long-time crew of craftspeople who are exceptional in their individual trades and who turn everything we do on our end into reality! 

When my husband and I began our little company 3 and a half years ago (see my previous blog for more on THAT story!) we wore ALL the hats. I mean ALL OF THEM!! 

At Iron River Surfaces, we value professionalism, education, a growth mindset, and the concept of lifelong learning — for ourselves and for our team.

That’s why, along with frequent professional development opportunities, product knowledge sessions with our industry experts, and memberships within our province’s professional organizations such as the DIDAA and the NKBA, our team collectively holds the following degrees and certifications to make your new home or renovation the absolute best it can be! 


Create your dream space.


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